Scott shares Solstice’s mission with the world through blog and media content. Prior to joining our team, he worked as a researcher and writer at Harvard Kennedy School, where he wrote about government innovations in emerging data systems and technologies. He joined Solstice to apply his passion for writing to a powerful movement for environmental and social good. A lifelong swimmer and outdoor enthusiast, Scott can often be found diving into the ocean, admiring local wildlife, climbing trees, or writing Frost-esque poetry.


What To Know About ARES

You see offers all the time to “reduce your electric bill!” or “support green energy.” Which ones can you trust? Will an alternative energy supplier really save you money? We at Solstice are not an ARES, but we’ll help break down how they work and what you need to know. What Is An ARES? An…

U.S. Community Solar

A Map of U.S. Community Solar

Wondering if there’s community solar near you? We mapped out every U.S. community solar farm based on data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The buzz around community solar is growing. All across the country, local solar farms are spreading solar access neighborhood by neighborhood. But most folks still aren’t sure whether community solar is…