August 12, 2016

This week, Solstice won a Gold Stevie Award in the 2016 International Business Awards, a program “honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them” and “recogniz[ing] outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide.” Solstice earned the top prize in the category of Startup of the Year in Consumer Services Industries.

Organizations of all sizes and across almost every industry submitted a record number of over 3,800 nominations for consideration in a wide range of categories. Executives from around the world reviewed the nominations, assigned ratings, and gave comments based on companies’ business models and traction.

“Solstice seems to have found the solution to many households that are not able to install solar energy collectors due to various reasons and circumstances,” remarked one judge. “This is really inspiring!” another judge added. “Solstice’s model and idea is simple, yet revolutionary and could form the basis of rolling out access to solar power not just within the USA but across the world. The potential flow down of the economic benefits to the community could be tremendous.”