Steph Speirs INC Magazine

‘If We Stay in Silence, We Stay in Our Silos’

Inc. Magazine •  June 7, 2021

This past year, many have been torn between compliance and activism. Inc Magazine interviewed Solstice Co-Founder and CEO Steph Speirs on her experiences with bias and inequity — and what led her to break her silence on social justice issues. Sophie Downes from Inc. asked Steph about her community-organizing experience and her belief that entrepreneurial innovation can bring about social change.

“I’m optimistic that people of color are realizing that they can band together and build power and build wealth among themselves that shifts entire systems,” Steph shared. “If we stay in silence, we stay in our silos. If we voice our experience and look for commonalities between other marginalized, under-resourced communities, then that is the pathway out of this.”