The solar industry is grappling with a widening workforce gap, as 90% of companies struggle to hire skilled labor amid surging demand. To address this, innovative recruitment strategies are being explored, moving beyond traditional methods. Solstice’s CEO, Steph Speirs, emphasized successful hires from customer service and user experience backgrounds. Diversifying the solar workforce is crucial, as the current demographic is 70% male and 70% white. Government programs like Solar Ready Vets and Biden’s funding for training centers aim to bridge the gap. Collaboration with community colleges and tailored training programs is encouraged.

Retention strategies involve internal development, mentorship programs, and offering benefits like healthcare and flexible work policies. Solstice’s internship programs and collaborations with organizations like Empowering Diverse Climate Talent (EDICT) showcase effective workforce development. The goal is to make solar an industry for generations, fostering loyalty and growth. For a comprehensive understanding of evolving energy workforce dynamics and solutions, read the full article, where Solstice’s CEO further discusses these strategies. Read the full article on Latitude Media.