TOMS RIVER, NJ — May 18, 2023 — Solstice, a leading community solar provider committed to providing clean and affordable energy to communities, is excited to begin enrollment on the Toms River community solar farm. As the company handling public education and enrollment, Solstice is connecting residents to clean, renewable energy while offering substantial discounts on electric bills.

The Toms River community solar farm, with a capacity to produce approximately 5.0MW of solar energy, is an impressive initiative right here in New Jersey. This local project will power around 720 homes, simultaneously bolstering the local economy and supporting the environment by creating jobs and improving air quality.

The program is open to JCP&L customers residing in LakewoodToms RiverBrick, Jackson, Manchester, Berkeley, South Toms RiverSeaside HeightsLavallette, and Island Heights. Enrollment is open until the end of July, with the limited 720 slots filling up on a first-come-first-serve basis. Residents are encouraged to secure their spot early to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Toms River community solar farm is scheduled to commence operations in mid to late 2023, allowing participants to start realizing savings as early as this fall. When a local resident enrolls in community solar, Solstice allocates that participant a portion of a shared solar farm in the area, generating renewable energy on their behalf. The electricity produced by the assigned panels is sent to the utility company, resulting in solar credits applied to participants’ utility bills. Solstice then bills participants for the value of their solar credits at a fixed 21% discount, ensuring savings on electricity costs.

“At Solstice, our mission is to provide every community with access to clean and affordable energy,” said Allison Naganuma, Partnerships Manager at Solstice. “We believe that everyone, regardless of their income, location, credit score, or homeownership status deserves to see the benefits of renewable energy. That’s why we’re so thrilled to bring this substantial money-saving opportunity to folks in Toms River and surrounding communities. We’re here to help as many residents take advantage as possible!”

Residents who join the Toms River community solar program can expect significant financial benefits. By subscribing to community solar through Solstice, participants can enjoy savings of up to 21% on their electric bills. Furthermore, Solstice is offering a generous $50 enrollment bonus to individuals who join the program. There are no fees associated with enrolling or canceling, providing a virtually risk-free opportunity for residents to access renewable energy savings.

In addition to the financial advantages, community solar offers substantial environmental and economic benefits. By participating in the program, residents can offset their household electric emissions, reduce air pollution, support local jobs, and contribute to the diversification of the energy supply, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

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Solstice Power Technologies is a leading U.S. customer acquisition and management service provider in community solar. Originally based in Cambridge, MA, Solstice was founded in 2016 by women of color co-founders who believe every community can be powered by renewable energy. Solstice is dedicated to bringing affordable solar power to the 77% of American households that cannot support a rooftop system. Community solar offers a solution, enabling residents to support local clean energy at no upfront cost and save money on their electric bill every year. Solstice offers customer solutions for the community solar industry ‒ enrolling households and local organizations in shared projects, creating financing innovations that expand access to underserved communities (the EnergyScore), and providing a frictionless subscriber management software platform for projects. For more information, visit


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