Solstice Partners Rolling grocer 19

Solstice Partners with Rolling Grocer 19

Solstice  •   Sept. 21, 2020

Solstice and Rolling Grocer 19 team up to give community members access to clean energy and healthy food. Rolling Grocer 19 customers who sign up for a share in their local solar farm with Solstice will not only receive 10% savings on their electric bills but also a $50 enrollment bonus. For every customer enrolled, Solstice will also donate $50 to Rolling Grocer 19. 

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Rolling Grocer 19 is a community-driven, full-service grocery store in Hudson, New York. Rolling Grocer 19 also operates as a grocery store on wheels, making fresh, local food accessible to residents all over Columbia County. With a fair pricing system that allows every customer to pay according to their ability, the full-service grocery store provides convenient, quality food for all with a priority placed on low-income residents.