NORTH CHICAGO, III.April 14, 2023 — The City of North Chicago is partnering with Solstice to bring local, affordable community solar to its residents. This partnership means that community solar projects are available to every resident and will give them anywhere from 20% to 50% savings on their electric supply depending on which program they qualify for.

Solstice enables community members to enroll and subscribe to a share of a nearby community solar farm, support clean energy on the grid, and save money on their monthly electric bills – with no upfront costs or changes to their property or electricity availability. With their subscription, customers receive their electricity as usual with no disruptions. Solar credits are applied as a deduction to their electric bills each month, giving them monthly savings on their electric bills. Program savings vary and all residents are eligible to enroll through Solstice.

North Chicago’s partnership with Solstice offers significant savings to our residents on their monthly energy bills,” said North Chicago Mayor Leon Rockingham. “Allowing a solar option for renters and homeowners alike gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the financial benefits of renewable energy, but also the satisfaction that comes with promoting sustainable energy sources for our community and our world.”

Residents in North Chicago who rent or own their homes are situated within a qualified geographic zone and are likely to meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the Illinois Solar for All Community Solar program through Solstice, who is an approved vendor. Subscribers of this statewide program can get up to 50% savings on the supply portion of their electric bill, making affordable renewable energy truly accessible. To receive the 50% savings, customers must qualify to join the Illinois Solar for All program which is designed for income-eligible residents who earn 80% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI). The AMI varies by household size and geography. You may check your eligibility through Solstice’s self-qualification form. Residents who are not eligible for the Illinois Solar for All Community Solar program can still join a community solar program through Solstice and receive up to 20% savings on their electric bill.

For residents seeking more information or assistance enrolling, North Chicago will be hosting a free educational enrollment event: May 10, 2023, from 3:00PM-6:00PM at Foss Park Golf Course (3124 Argonne Drive, North Chicago, IL 60064). Refreshments will be provided.

North Chicago city leaders worked with Solstice to set up enrollment bonuses of $50 for every customer who signs up, giving further financial relief amidst rising energy prices. This partnership will help to make the transition to community solar easier for many North Chicago residents. Renters and homeowners can sign up today in as little as 10 minutes. Subscribers keep their utility company and see no changes to the way their electricity is supplied or delivered, and best of all, customers will receive credits from their solar project directly on their regular electric bills, so there is no additional hassle to participate.

“We are excited to partner with the City of North Chicago to bring community solar to its residents– one of our eleven municipal partnerships in Illinois,” said Solstice Co-Founder and CEO Steph Speirs. “Our goal is to make clean energy accessible to everyone and having the ‘seal of approval’ from local leaders like Mayor Rockingham means that we can overcome the major obstacle that looms over many community solar programs – the myth that these programs are too good to be true, or that there will be a hidden fee or credit check to enroll. Through the statewide program Illinois Solar for All and our partnership with the City of North Chicago, we can assure residents that Solstice is committed to improving their livelihoods and bringing clean energy savings closer to home.”


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Solstice Power Technologies is a leading U.S. customer acquisition and management service provider in community solar. Originally based in Cambridge, MA with a presence nationwide, Solstice was founded in 2016 by women of color co-founders who believe every community can be powered by renewable energy. Solstice is dedicated to bringing affordable solar power to the 77% of American households that cannot support a rooftop system. Community solar offers a solution, enabling residents to support local clean energy at no upfront cost and save money on their electric bill every year. Solstice offers customer solutions for the community solar industry ‒ enrolling households and local organizations in shared projects, creating financing innovations that expand access to underserved communities (the EnergyScore), and providing a frictionless subscriber management software platform for projects. For more information, visit


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