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Laurens, NY Community Solar Project Set to Bring Savings and Clean Energy to New Yorkers

Solstice   •   August 15, 2018

Residents of New York State’s Central Hudson region will be able to save with new no-risk community solar contracts.

Solstice announced today that it would offer community solar to 400 households across Otsego, Delaware, Chenango, and surrounding counties.

Community solar allows residents to enroll in a local, shared solar array and see consistent savings on their electric bill – without paying any upfront costs or making any changes to their property. The Laurens, NY project will offer NYSEG customers 10% savings off their monthly electric bill, and its one-year, no cancellation fee contracts will allow many area renters to participate in solar for the first time.

Solstice is a socially-minded organization that is expanding solar access by running inclusive solar enrollment campaigns and driving financial and policy innovations to combat structural barriers to low-income solar participation. You can learn more and see if you’re eligible for their current projects at

Said Solstice Co-Founder & CEO Steph Speirs, “We’re excited to again be bringing solar and energy bill savings to New Yorkers, and in a format that’s more accessible than ever for renters and other underserved communities.”

In addition to the clean, renewable energy and energy bill savings that it will bring to area residents, Cindy Menges, a spokesperson for project developer Delaware River Solar, said that the project would bring approximately $300,000 in additional revenue to the town, create 37 full-time construction jobs during the project’s installation phase, and protect 13 acres of unused farmland for future use.

Residents who wish to go solar can contact Solstice at (607) 398-0597, email, or visit the following website to get started

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